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She World London Trans Club

She World Club London

She World London is a club that offers a unique and vibrant experience for the TS Dating London community and their admirers. Nestled at 6 Leytonstone Road, Stratford, this intimate venue creates a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. Individuals can express themselves freely, dress as they desire, and enjoy a night of dance, socializing, and entertainment.

The club is open every Saturday from 8 PM to 2 AM, with special events on the last Friday of every month, extending the opportunity for memorable nights out. The entry fees are thoughtfully structured to be inclusive, with admirers paying £19, T-Girls £12, and additional nominal fees for amenities like private lockers and cloakroom services. The pricing is designed to encourage a diverse crowd while maintaining an exclusive experience.

She World Club emphasizes the importance of a safe and respectful environment. The dress code ranges from provocative to smart casual for admirers and encourages T-Girls to be as fabulous as they wish, reflecting the club’s ethos of self-expression and acceptance. The location opposite Maryland Overground Station, with its excellent transport links and proximity to Stratford City Westfield, adds convenience for attendees, making it accessible for both locals and visitors from further afield.

She World Transgender Club


The club’s interior offers a comfortable, clean, and spacious setting where guests can play, socialize, dance, sing, drink, and even eat, ensuring a well-rounded night out. Regular visits from LGBT+ advisors further underscore She World’s commitment to providing a supportive community space.

Privacy and discretion are paramount at She World Club. Photography and video recording are restricted in certain areas, and consent is required for any photos taken, ensuring that guests feel secure and respected. This policy fosters an atmosphere of trust and comfort, allowing patrons to fully immerse themselves in the experience without concerns about privacy.

The club’s owner, Sabrina, extends a warm welcome to all, emphasizing that She World is a place where imperfections are celebrated, and everyone is encouraged to be their true selves. The club’s motto, “You deserve respect, you are wonderful, you are loved, EXACTLY AS YOU ARE,” resonates throughout the venue, creating an environment of positivity and acceptance.

She World Club stands out as a beacon for the transgender community and its admirers in London, offering a safe, fun, and inclusive space for self-expression and socialization. Its thoughtful amenities, respectful policies, and vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and supportive nightlife experience.

6 Leytonstone Road,
E15 1SE,
United Kingdom