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Top 10 Transgender London Clubs

TS Club London

Top 10 TS Clubs London

London is a diverse and inclusive city that is home to a vibrant LGBTQ+ community with many TS clubs in London. In recent years, the capital has seen a rise in the number of transgender clubs and venues where individuals can express their true selves in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you are a member of the transgender community or an ally looking for support and understanding, this article will introduce you to the top 10 transgender clubs in London.

1. The WayOut Club

Located in the heart of London, The WayOut Club has been at the forefront of the transgender community for over 20 years. The club provides a safe and inclusive space where people can enjoy music, dance and live shows. It hosts regular themed events and has become a popular meeting place for London’s transgender community.

2. Candy Boys

Located in the hip Shoreditch district, Candy Boys is known for its energetic and friendly atmosphere. The club welcomes people of all gender identities and offers a variety of entertainment, from drag shows to live music. With an extensive cocktail menu and stylish interior, Candy Boys is a must-visit for anyone interested in London’s trans scene.

3. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a historic LGBTQ+ venue with a rich history of supporting and celebrating the transgender community. It regularly hosts trans-focused events and performances, including cabaret nights and talent showcases. Located in the iconic Vauxhall area, the venue is a treasured part of London’s LGBTQ+ nightlife.

4. The Nightingale Club

As one of the largest LGBTQ+ clubs in London, The Nightingale Club provides an inclusive and diverse space for all. Whilst catering for all members of the community, the club regularly hosts transgender themed nights and provides a platform for transgender performers and artists. With multiple dance floors and top of the range sound systems, this club promises an unforgettable night out.

5. The Backstreet

Known as a haven for the fetish and alternative scene, The Backstreet is a club that has embraced the transgender community with open arms. With its non-judgmental atmosphere and wide range of events, including transgender-specific parties, it has become a popular destination for people looking to express their true selves in a safe and welcoming environment.

TS Clubs London

6. The Glory

The Glory is a well-known venue in East London that champions LGBTQ+ artists and performers. It hosts a variety of events, from drag shows to live music, with a particular focus on supporting transgender artists and entertainers. The venue’s intimate setting and friendly atmosphere make it an ideal place to connect with the transgender community.

7. Mints Club

Located in the heart of Soho, Mints Club is a transgender-friendly venue that attracts people from all walks of life. With an eclectic mix of music, live shows, and a welcoming environment, Mints provides a diverse and inclusive space for the transgender community to come together and enjoy a night out in London.

8. Dalston Superstore

Dalston Superstore is a trendy LGBTQ+ venue that regularly hosts events celebrating the transgender community. From art exhibitions to themed parties, this club ensures that transgender people have a platform to showcase their talents. With its cosy atmosphere and ever-changing line-up, Dalston Superstore is a favourite among London’s trans community.

9. The Brewers

Located in the vibrant area of Shoreditch, The Brewers is a welcoming and inclusive pub that has become a meeting place for London’s transgender community. The venue regularly hosts transgender themed events such as open mic nights and drag performances. With its friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere, The Brewers is a great place to have a drink and meet like-minded people.

10. The Yard

Located in the heart of Soho, The Yard is an LGBTQ+ venue that prides itself on being inclusive and diverse. The club hosts a range of events for the transgender community, from dance parties to art exhibitions. With a prime location and a variety of music genres, The Yard is a must for those looking for an unforgettable transgender nightlife experience in London.

London offers a wide range of TS clubs and venues, each with its own unique atmosphere and sense of community. Whether you are a member of the London trans community or an ally looking for support and understanding, these top 10 transgender clubs in London provide safe spaces for individuals to express their true selves and connect with others. By celebrating diversity and inclusivity, these clubs help make London one of the most vibrant and welcoming cities for transgender people in the world.

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